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Ice Fishing Rules

  • No motor vehicles on the ice.

  • Member, guest or fishing badges must be worn while on the ice.

  • No use of gas-powered augers before 8 a.m.

  • No fishing closer than 50 feet from the shore of anyone's property unless
    it is your own.

  • No fishing closer than 100 feet from the beach areas and directly behind
    the Clubhouse.

  • Drill no more than 10 holes per person per day.

  • No fires allowed on the ice other than cooking on grills.

  • Unprotected glass containers are prohibited on the ice at any time.

  • All fish you do not intend to eat or otherwise take with you should be returned to the lake alive.

  • When you leave, take everything off the ice with you including fish, garbage, coals, firewood, cans, etc.

  • All NJ Fish & Game Rules must be followed.


Gas augers may be used after 8 a.m. during ice fishing season but should be inspected to prevent pollution from leaks and removed from the ice as soon as possible, preferably immediately after use.


Ice safety: The determination of the safe condition of lake ice is the user’s sole responsibility.


(LSC Board Approved 4-3-2009)

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