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Call all Lake Shawnee Sailors (and anyone who wants to sail)


Let’s get on the water and go sailing!


The proposal:  For anyone who wants to learn to sail or who wants to improve their sailing, I will offer FREE INSTRUCTIONS to get you on the lake, powered by the wind.


I grew up in Lake Shawnee and learned to sail at 3rd Beach as part of the LSC Junior Sailors program in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Since then, I have become a sailing instructor for a Morris County based sailing club. I am experienced in sailing 14’ Sunfish, 16’ sloops, all the way up to 30’ Pearsons and 42’ catamarans in places such as Long Island Sound, Sandy Hook, Martha’s Vineyard, Key West, the Bahamas, and St. Vincent & the Grenadines.  In January 2024 I will be taking part in a transatlantic sail from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean.  I also started iceboating in January and February of 2022 and gave many of you rides on my DN iceboat.


I would like to get together on Friday, July 28th, at 6:30 pm at the Clubhouse to meet everyone who is interested.  We can discuss plans for an organized Lake Shawnee sailing club (with an organized Junior Sailing program (with one design Sunfish races (?)) and I can begin an introductory sailing lesson. I will also serve ice cream!!!


Going forward, I plan to meet interested sailors on Sundays at 3rd Beach to actually sail, starting on July 30th.  PFD’s will be required, and safety will be paramount (of course fun will be stressed as well).  


I have a number of sailboats I can bring on Sundays.  


If you have a sailboat, please bring it to 3rd Beach to sail with us, or to loan to a new sailor. If you are interested in instructing or offering any assistance, please come out.  All assistance will be gratefully accepted.  (Note: I’m sure I can use experienced ice cream scoopers on Friday the 28th...). If you have a Sunfish or any Sunfish parts (or any sailboat/parts) laying around unused in a shed or in a basement, I’d like to hear from you, so we can get more boats dusted off and on the water, and more residents sailing on this beautiful lake.  


I hope many of you can participate, and I look forward to sailing with you,


Tom Preston ( 

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Neighbors Helping Neighbors (NHN)

Lake Shawnee has a long-standing, well-earned reputation as a community where neighbors help each other out in times of need. Our LSC Facebook Page is loaded with posts of neighbors reaching out for and receiving generous help. NHN was formed to provide an avenue for all LSC members to reach out
for help, particularly those of our neighbors who are not on social media, or may not have access to email etc.

If you are in need of help such as: retrieving mail, picking up prescriptions, finding a handy-person, moving something to the curb, a visit, a ride to a doc, meal assistance, sorting medications, etc.—

Please fill out this form and drop off at the clubhouse mailbox, or call/text one of our points of contact listed below to be matched with a neighbor looking to help.

If you would like to offer to donate help please fill out this form, contact number, and anything more specific if you wish, then drop in the LSC Mailbox. We will collect that information and when/if a need arises, we will reach out to see if it is a good fit for you. There is no obligation—if the timing is wrong, we will ask someone else on our list!

If you prefer, you can email to

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Contacts

Christy Johnston-Artiglere 973-896-0061

Adrienne Najjar-Keith 973-476-9419

Information on
Maintaining Your Septic

Club policy on boats & boat storage

Recycling, Garbage, and Vegetative Waste Pick Up 

Recycling pick up is Tuesday, and garbage is on Monday and Thursday.

Vegetative waste is picked up beginning first Wednesday in April through second Wednesday in December.


  New Year’s Day  •  Memorial Day    July 4th  •  Labor Day    Thanksgiving    Christmas

For a complete description of garbage and recycling information see municipal web site.

Social Commitee

Social Committee is always Seeking Volunteers

In order to ensure the success and continuation of next year’s events we need more volunteers to come out and lend a hand. Social Committee membership is dwindling and many of the current members have older children who are into different activities, so in an effort to keep the momentum of our Social Committee we need new people to get involved. Without increased involvement we will be forced to cancel events that we have all come to love.


A large commitment isn’t necessary. We are asking members to sign up to chair an event(s). New ideas will be welcome, we will also share experiences and help you every step of the way. Unfortunately, if we do not get at least three people to chair each event listed the event may be cancelled. So grab some friends, pick an event and let’s work together to make 2023 an exceptional year!!


Winter Carnival- Chili Contest | Bunny Brunch Easter and Egg Hunt | First Beach Movie Night & Camp Out | Friendship Candle Ceremony | Community Day | Kid’s Pirate Day; | Ice Cream Social/Bingo Night | Karaoke Night on First Beach; | Movie Night & S’mores; | Wild West Beach Party | End of Summer Beach Bash | Halloween Trunk-or-Treat Party


If you are interested please email

Social Commitee

If you can lend a hand at any of our events it would be greatly appreciated. Please call Kristen White at 973-255-9326 Or Ruth Kuhl at 973-222-2357 if you plan on attending or if you have any questions.

Toddler Time

Bring the kids down to the Clubhouse to meet Moms and children of similar ages. Playgroup meets every Tuesday at 5:00pm. Pre-K and under. Please contact social committee for updates.

Shawnee Seniors Club

Our Shawnee Seniors Club meets every other Wednesday at 1pm at the clubhouse. The club is open to all Seniors Age 55 and older. Coffee and snacks will be served. 

Texas Hold ’em

Doors open for registration at 7:00pm and play starts at 7:30pm. The cost is $15 per person and includes refreshments. Even if you’ve never played before, come on out and learn, we have beginners each time—we’ll even show you how to play! 2023 dates are Jan. 28, Feb. 25, May 20.

New! Neighbors Helping Neighbors (NHN)

NHN was formed to provide an avenue for all LSC members to reach out for help, particularly those of our neighbors who are not on social media, or may not have access to email etc.

Winter Carnival—Ice Skating Party and Chili Contest

Lake Shawnee's Winter Wonderland featuring ice skating, chili, hockey, hot dogs and hot chocolate is an annual event! Think you make a mean pot of chili? Enter yours and see how it stacks up next to the competition. All contestants should bring at least 1 pound of chili in a crock pot with a serving spoon. Prizes will be awarded. We are looking for donations of brownies for the Winter Carnival. If you plan on attending you should bring brownies—homemade or store bought either is fine. 2023 Date is Jan. 29 at 12pm.

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