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The Lake Shawnee Club is established for the following:

  1. Promote recreation, enjoyment, good fellowship and community betterment.

  2. Provide and maintain the club properties, facilities and water resources.

  3. Provide and maintain an effective system of administration of the club. To promulgate and enforce the the standing rules for the use of the club properties and facilities for the mutual benefit of the membership.

  4. Maintain master deed covenants over the properties in the Reservation. Where deemed appropriate, communicate the needs for community services and Member concerns to government agencies

The Lake Shawnee Reservation was established, developed and incorporated by the Arthur D. Crane Co. in 1946. It is comprised of an 83 acre private lake as well as 6 club properties which include Whites Cove, Beaver Cove, North End, and Beaches 1, 2, & 3. The Club has within it 533 property owners. All property owners are required to become Club Members. A Board of Governors is elected by the membership to oversee the Club in accordance with the Club bylaws. Members in good standing and their guests are entitled to the use of the lake, beaches, docks, clubhouse and club activities. The Board of Governors strives to maintain all of the Club facilities so its members can enjoy its many social and recreational activities. The Club also maintains a number of committees to promote its purpose which include a social committee and an active and successful swim team.

Board of Governors

The Lake Shawnee Club was incorporated in 1946 and as per the Club bylaws, there exists a Board of Governors established to conduct the daily business of the club. The board consists of 5 Club officers including a President, Executive Vice President, Membership Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and eight Board Members-at-Large. All Board Members are volunteers elected at the Club's annual meeting by the membership present. The Board of Governors meets the first Friday of each month with some exceptions at 7:00pm at the clubhouse to discuss Club business. All meetings are open to members in good standing.


Membership in the Lake Shawnee Club is required of all persons owning property within the Lake Shawnee Reservation and as per the "Schneider Deed" the master deed of the reservation. Lake Shawnee was established in 1946 and membership is limited to those owning or renting within the lake reservation. On March 14, 2008, the NJ Appellate Court, after a review of the original formation documents of the Lake Shawnee Club, rendered an opinion and upheld that Lake Shawnee is a mandatory membership community. Membership dues are assessed on an annual basis by the Board of Governors based on the operating expenses of the Club as well as reserves that are set aside for capital projects such as dam repair or dredging. Dues billing is mailed in March and payment is due by April 1st. All new property owners, not already a current member, are required to pay a one-time $500 initiation fee in addition to Club dues.


Since all members are required to follow our bylaws, members are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Club bylaws and standing rules. Only members in good standing and their guest are then entitled to full use of the facilities, including the lake, beaches, docks, and clubhouse. They can enjoy swimming, boating, sailing, summer and winter fishing in stocked waters, ice skating, hockey, swim team competitions, volleyball, playgrounds, horseshoes, and social events. There are annual community days, movie nights and camp outs, numerous children's activities, summer ice cream socials, Halloween trunk & treats, winter festival, seniors club, baby & me and more. Guest badges permit non-resident visitors to members' homes to participate as well. Member Guests can take advantage of the numerous amenities and activities that the Club provides.


Of special importance, is the impact that the Club's maintenance of the lake, dam, clubhouse, beaches, docks, and other facilities has on sustaining property values throughout the lake. It is through volunteer efforts as well as membership dues that make this possible. If you are new to Lake Shawnee, please consider this a special invitation to join in our social and volunteer activities, help maintain our community, and enjoy all that the lake has to offer.


Call or visit the Clubhouse between 8:30 am and 12 noon any Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday for more information. Office #973-663-1307.

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